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This section allow me to show my current and future works :
- study of faunal material;
- publications in preparation;
- coming field missions;
- next events (conferences, seminaries) ;
- professional ambitions...
If a topic of search interset you, please contact me for more informations and, why not, for proposition of collaboration... This section will be updated the most often than possible!

Situation for the year 2007:

x Associated researcher in archaeozoology in UMR 6130 (laboratory of archaeozoology of Centre d’études Préthistoire, Antiquité, Moyen-Âge, Valbonne, France) and 5133 (laboratory "Archéorient", Maison de l’Orient et de la Métditerranée, Lyon, France) of CNRS.

x Scientific and technical coordination of the sub-project "Noé Cartodata : cartes de risque du patrimoine" (INTERREG III C, Noé - Heritage and prevention of the natural risks) for CÉPAM (contractual engineer of research CNRS until the 31/07/2007). The contents of this project are consultable at the following address: http://noe.cartodata.free.fr/.

Works in progress:

x Study of faunal remains: temple of Zeus of Jérash (Jordan), Ath-Thughrah tomb (Pétra, Jordan) and Obodas vault (Pétra, Jordan).

x Design of the educational cdrom "Anakou" (production of the Franco-Jordanian mission of Tell Abu Hamid).

Immediate projects:

x To take down a postdoctorate in archaeozoology about Protohistory and/or Antiquity in the Middle East.

Publications in preparation:

x Chapters in monographs of Tell Akkaz (north Kuwait), Failaka (Kuwait bay), Qal’at al-Bahrain (north Bahrain), Abu Hamid (Jordan), Mastuma (Syria), Chassey (France).