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In this section, I give you site cards where you can find several informations about:
- settlement type and dates;
- faunal spectrum;
- worked bones;
- phatological bones;
- metrical data available (if you are interested please contact me);
- some bibliographical references.


x Colomb cave : Méaudre - Vercors - French Alps; end of Paleolithic.

fiche Site card

x Uyts 2 : Vorotan valley; diatomitical deposit.

fiche Site card

x Kmlo2 : Kasakh valley; beginning Neolithic.

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x Godedzor : Vorotan valley; Chalcolithic.

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x Kalavan : Upper Paleolithic.

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x Aknashen : Kasakh valley; Chalcolithic.

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x Tell Mastuma : mainly Iron Age.

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x Abu Hamid : Jordan valley; Chalcolithic.

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x Tell Akkaz : north Kuwait City - Arabian Gulf; end 1st century BC to 6th century AD

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x Failaka ("F5") : Kuwait bay - Arabian Gulf; hellenistic fortress; beginning 3rd century BC to 1st century AD.

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x Qal’at al-Bahreïn (excavation 519) : north Bahrain island - Arabian Gulf ; Dilmun period (Bronze Age, Iron Age), "Tylos" (hellenistic) and islamic.

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